Virtual Lab (VDI)


The Haverford Virtual Lab enables members of the Haverford Community to securely access a fully configured Windows desktop computer complete with public computer lab software and printers on practically any device, anywhere.

💡 Note about accessing from off-campus

If you are off campus you’ll need to use Haverford’s VPN to gain access. This service gives your device a Haverford IP address enabling you to Haverford specific resources, like the Virtual Lab. You can get information on how to configure all your devices to use Haverford’s VPN here.

The device accessing the Virtual Lab becomes a window into a very powerful computer with all of the processing power being handled by servers in IITS. If used on a Macintosh computer it might look something like this:

How can I access the Virtual Lab on my personal device?

On a Laptop or Desktop

Browse to for two options to access a Virtual Lab computer.

1) The Install VMware Horizon View Client option links to a website where a free client can be downloaded and installed. The VMware Horizon View Client offers additional functionality when utilizing a virtual computer.

2) The VMware Horizon HTML Access option forgoes the use of the software and loads a virtual computer directly into a web browser tab.

After choosing to Install VMware Horizon Client you will be given options to choose the correct software for your device. Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Older versions of the client are also available via the download website if your Operating System is not at the latest version.

If you have difficulty installing the latest version of VMware Horizon View Client be sure to look carefully at your Operating System, you may need an different version of the client for compatibility reasons.

First logins take about a minute as your profile is being created but subsequent login times are under 30 seconds.

When installing the software you’ll see the following prompts:

On a PC

  1. Download the correct installer for your computer’s Operating System from
  2. Specify the IP protocol version for all connections: IPv4
  3. Default Horizon Connection Server:
  4. After the software loads double click the “” cloud icon to enter your Haverford username and password
  5. Double click the HC_Lab icon to start your desktop

On a Mac

  1. Download the correct installer for your computer’s Operating System from
  2. Copy the VMware Horizon Client icon to your Applications folder
  3. After the software installs click the “New Server” plus to add the connection server:
  4. Double click the cloud icon to enter your Haverford username and password
  5. Double click the HC_Lab icon to start your desktop

On an iOS or Android Device

  1. Start the AppStore or Google Play application and search for the free app VMware Horizon View Client
  2. Open the app and add the server name
  3. Then enter your Haverford username and password
  4. Select the Lab PC icon to start your desktop


What software is available on the VDI?

  • Acrobat Reader DC
  • Box
  • FileZilla
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 24
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Pagent
  • PuTTY
  • Stata 14
  • VLC Media Player
  • WinSCP
  • Wolfram Mathematica

Can I print to the public lab printers from the Virtual Lab computers?

Yes! A prompt will appear, as it does in the public computer lab, asking for your credentials before printing. Please be mindful these printers are in a public location and are not continuously monitored.

The following printers are configured on all Virtual Lab computers:

Lutnick Library, Science Library, HCA30 Lab, Campus Center Kiosk, ITC Stokes 205 Lab, KINSC Hilles 204, Union Music Library

What if I have suggestions to improve the Virtual Lab or something is not working?

Please contact the Service Desk at with your feedback.

Where should I save my documents and data?

As with all computers, common sense rules apply.  Save your work when you start and save often to either your Haverford Box account or Google Drive.   Any data inadvertently saved to a Virtual Lab computer will be deleted during a system update, which is scheduled at the beginning of each semester but may happen periodically as needed.

How do I enter CTRL + ALT + DELETE on my Mac if I get locked out of my desktop?

If you are using the VMware Horizon Client there is a button in the upper left corner of the client window that will send CTRL + ALT + DELETE to your VM session.


OR if you use the keys FN + CONTROL + OPTION + DELETE on a Mac keyboard the proper command will be sent.

What if I get a black screen when I start a Virtual Lab session?

The maximum resolution this system can currently support is 2560×1600. Some newer laptops and monitors can support an even higher resolution. If you see a black window after starting a Virtual Lab session your monitor falls into this category and by reducing the virtual computer’s window from the fullscreen view your virtual machine will automatically adjust and the desktop image should appear.



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