5. Make your Course Visible to Students


In the next unit, Understanding Course Enrollments, you will learn how students get enrolled into your Moodle course, either automatically via the BIONIC registration system or manually. However, that alone does not let students see your course materials. By default, Haverford Moodle courses are NOT VISIBLE to students—even those that are registered for your course.

make your course visible before students can see it.

Once your course is ready for students, make it visible.

  1. Select the Settings option from the menu under your course name.
  2. Toggle Course visibility to Show.
    Illustration of moodle course setting and show/hide option
  3. Scroll down and click the Save and Display button.


Check to see if your course is visible

There are a few quick ways to see if a course is already visible or available to students.  The easiest is to look for a "Hidden from students" message from your Course overview, as illustrated below.
illustration of moodle dashboard showing a visible course and a hidden course



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