How do I use Air Server or Mersive Pod?


Can I project wirelessly in the classrooms?

You should be able to project wirelessly from a table, smart phone, or other device via AirServer of the Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless system. The information below will help you use these systems. However, because the instruction details vary slightly depending upon the room, we recommend contacting the IT Service Desk before using wireless for your class or event. 

AirServer or Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless?


If you want to project wirelessly, use this chart to decide whether to use AirServer or the Mersive Pod Wireless Projection system.



Is AirServer an option?

Is Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless an option?

Room has a computer


Only if the room also has a Mersive Pod.

Room has Mersive Pod

Only if the room also has a computer


You want to record session with Panopto


Not if you want to record projected wireless

You want to meet and/or record via Zoom


Yes, but screens must be shared via Zoom to be recorded



AirServer is a tool that allows you to wirelessly mirror many kinds of devices to your classroom computer. Thus, you can project the device to your audience via the classroom computer. AirServer works best with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks, but may work with other devices too. AirServer can be installed on any classroom computer, but you may have to request it. 


Once AirServer is installed, there are only a few steps to connect your device to the classroom computer. Because exact steps vary depending upon your classroom and device, we strongly recommend you request help from IITS before your class or event. We will install any needed software upon such a request and help you use AirServer (if possible) from your device.


  1. Select the classroom computer as your projection device from the touch panel or wall panel in that room.
  2. Log into the classroom computer.
  3. Find AirServer on the classroom computer. It should be in the Windows system tray (bottom right corner) or the Macintosh menu bar (top right corner). You can also use the computer’s search tool to find the AirServer application.
  4. Tell AirServer to give you a QR Code.
  5. Go to your device and open the AirServer Connect app.
  6. Select the option to scan the QR code from your device.
  7. Select the Building name/room number  from the list of mirroring options.

Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless Projection

  1. Select the Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless option from the touch panel or wall panel in that room. Note that the panel might not have the full name, “Mersive Solstice Pod Wireless”
  2. On your device, open your wireless network menu and select the network named for the Building name and room number, followed by  “POD .
  3. Open the Solstice App on your device and select the Building name/room number display.
  4. Enter the code displayed on your projection screen.




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