What is Moodle?


Haverford college uses Moodle (moodle.haverford.edu) as the learning management system (LMS) for academic courses. In addition, many committees, student groups, and other organizations use a different instance of Moodle (moodlegroups.haverford.edu) for their group. Request a Moodle site for your departments, committees, student groups, and other organizations.

The information below will help you log in and learn more about the system. To get started right away, look over our Moodle Quick Start Instructions for Faculty.

Video Guides

Watch the video below, “Introduction to Moodle at Haverford” to get started.


Design and Build Course Sites

All Haverford academic courses have course sites available on Moodle. These courses and enrollments are created automatically from our Bionic information system. However, students only have access to course sites that teachers make available.


Creating Moodle Courses has several components, which are best understood when read in order:

  1. Overview
  2. What’s in a Course Shell?
  3. Course Design And Settings
  4. Adding Course Content
  5. Making your Course Visible to Students — warning, you need to take action for this
  6. Understanding Course Enrollments
  7. Use Moodle to Communicate with Your Students



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