Moodle Quick Start Instructions for Faculty

Note: These Getting Started Instructions are linked from Moodle course shells.

  1. Turn Editing On to start building your course. Do this via the turn editing on button on the top right corner of your course window. white spaceillustration showing 'Turn editing on' button at top of Moodle page
  2. If desired, edit your course and week/topic headings. Click on the edit drop-down menus.
    illustration showing where to edit settings for weeks and topics
  3. Drag-and-drop files from your drive into the desired week or topic area to add materials to your course.
    illustration of "add an activity or resource" option
  4. You can use the pencil-shaped quick edit icon to rename your file. Alternately, select Add an activity or resource to add content to this course.
    pencil edit icon next to Moodle activity or resource
  5. Move items up and down with the arrow icons.
    illustration showing the arrows for moving sections or items
  6. Switch your role to view your course as your students see it. Click on your icon (often a picture of yourself) next to your name in the upper right corner of your browser window. Select Switch role to…  and select a student role to view your course as the students see it, 
    Illustration of Moodle's "switch role to.." option
  1. Once your course is ready for students, you need to make your course visible. Go to the course administration menu (Gear icon, indicating settings menu) and select edit settings.
    Illustration of where to edit course settings
  2. Change the Course visibility setting to Show and then click the Save button.
    Moodle course visibility setting

Note about Course Format:

There are two options for course layout. Your course now uses the Weekly Format. The weekly format provides a different section for each week and highlights the current week. By default, it also puts the dates for each week at the top of each section.

If you prefer, you can use a Topics format.  To switch to the Topics Format, go to the Course Administration setting > Edit Settings drop-down — the same way you make your course visible (see steps 6 and 7 above). You’ll find this option in the Course Format section of the course settings page.

illustration of course format options in course settings


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