What are ‘Combined Courses’?

Academic courses are typically named COURSEID – CourseName. However, if you teach a course with multiple sections, you should see all your sections, plus a course named, COURSEID – CourseName (section1+section2 Combined). You will see the combined course, even if you are only teaching one of the sections.

If you teach a course with multiple sections you have the option of using the individual sections, the combined course, or both. Students will only see the courses that you make visible. Thus, if you want students in all sections to have the same material, use only the “combined” course and make that available. Likewise, if each section will have different materials, make only the sections available. Finally, you can have some materials for individual sections and some materials for all sections. In that case, you can use both the individual section(s) and the combined section—making both the individual section(s) and the combined section available.

For example, in Fall 2022, there are three sections of Introduction to Economics (Econ105) in Fall 2022, each taught by different instructors. Moodle has the course shells for ECONH105A01.F22 – Introduction to Economics taught by Professor #1, ECONH105A02.F22 – Introduction to Economics taught by Professor #2, and ECONH105A03.F22 – Introduction to Economics also taught by Professor #3. In addition, there is a course ECONH105.F22 – Introduction to Economics (A01+A02+A03 Combined)  taught by Professor #1, Professor #2, and Professor #3—and students from all three sections combined. The instructors can either collaborate and use the combined shell, or work independently, using their individual section shells or any other combinations.

Please contact hc-techlearn@haverford.edu if you have any questions about combined courses. We will create custom variations upon request (i.e  ECONH105A01+A02, without A03).

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