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Accounts and Access

Information about your Haverford accounts, including physical access, access to administrative and business applications and more.

Network and Wireless Connectivity

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks or request a new network service activation.

Computer, Device, and Printing Support

Purchase or repair a computer or device, request desktop services, install a printer, or gain access to an existing one.

Phone and Voicemail

Request activations, changes, or repairs to a VoIP phone, including voicemail or setting up call-forwarding.

Security and Compliance

Learn about our IT security policies, data integrity and compliance; report viruses, malware, or email phishing.

Email and Groups

Get support for your email and related services such as distribution lists or shared mailboxes.

Teaching, Learning, and Classroom Support

Get help with setting up new courses; report issues or request assistance in any of our classrooms.

Software and Applications

Request a download or troubleshooting with site-licensed or hosted software and applications, such as Adobe CC or student information systems, or get IT help in purchasing and installing non-site-licensed software or applications.

Services (1)

General Technical Support

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