What Software are in the Labs and Classrooms?

IITS maintains a standard set of software on classroom computers.

The following software is installed in public computing labs and classrooms by IITS. An * indicates that software is available for installation from Haverford on networked office or dorm computers. A link indicates that software is available for download and installed as freeware. Learn more about software downloads.

Type of Software Macintosh Windows
Operating System MacOS 10.14 ( Mojave or higher) Windows 10 x64-bit
Word Processing MS Word 2016, Pages MS Word 2019
Spreadsheet MS Excel 2016, Numbers MS Excel 2019
Presentation MS PowerPoint 2016, Keynote MS PowerPoint 2019
Publications n/a MS Publisher 2019
Email Gmail Gmail
Web Browser Chrome, FireFox, Safari Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Media Editing iLife; iMovie, Garageband, Photos Microsoft Movie Maker
PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader
FTP Fetch FileZilla
Web Mapping Google Earth Google Earth, ArcGIS 10.2.2

Academic Software

Some software in the labs is supplied by academic departments, normally for use by students in specific courses. IITS does not support this software. While we may be able to help you with basic operations such as printing and saving files, you should contact your professor or a TA if you need help with anything on this list. Many of these packages are also available in departmental computing labs. Ask your departmental contact for more information.

Software Package Locations
Adobe Flash Player All Labs and Classrooms
Alice All Labs and Classrooms
ArcGIS w/ Business Analyst* All Labs – Windows only
Artemis 13.2 All Labs and Classrooms
Audacity All Labs and Classrooms
ChemDraw 17.1 All Labs and Classrooms
Cn3D All Labs and Classrooms
FileZilla FTP Client All Labs and Classrooms
Finale All Labs and Classrooms
Google Earth All Labs and Classrooms
Java All Labs and Classrooms
JAWS 15 All Labs and Classrooms
JES 4.3 All Labs and Classrooms
Keyserver All Labs and Classrooms
Logger Pro 3.8.6 All Labs and Classrooms
Mathematica All Labs and Classrooms
Matlab All Labs and Classrooms
OIV from ARTSTOR All Labs and Classrooms
Origin 8.6 All Labs and Classrooms
Panopto All Labs and Classrooms
Putty All Labs – Windows only
Python 2.7 All Labs and Classrooms
Quicktime Mac Labs and Classrooms
R All Labs and Classrooms
SciFinder Scholar Online Access via Tripod
Sibelius All Labs and Classrooms
SPSS 24 All Labs and Classrooms
Stata All Labs and Classrooms
Turning Point All Labs and Classrooms
VLC All Labs and Classrooms
Vpython 2.7 All Labs and Classrooms

Adding Software

IITS puts out a call to faculty twice per year asking about changes to the classroom and lab images. Faculty can request specific software be added to the uniform image and, given available funding and licensing that permits campus-wide installation, IITS will add the requested software in time for the following semester.

Software that’s not part of the image may be installed on a faculty member’s College-issued laptop and that the laptop be taken to the classroom for use.

Although we cannot tailor classroom computers to each individual, faculty are also given administrator-level access to the Mac OS on classroom computers. This allows faculty to install Mac-based freeware, shareware and purchased software for which the faculty member is responsible for maintaining the licensing.

These guidelines govern adding software to classroom computers:

  • For paid software we strongly suggest that faculty install the software on their College-issued laptop and bring it to the classroom.
  • Faculty may also install any Mac software on the classroom computer as long as they take full responsibility for adhering to the terms of the software license and it doesn’t create security or stability issues.  We can give you guidance in that area if needed.
  • Installing software as a one-off carries one risk – if the machine needs to be re-imaged mid-semester for whatever reason (equipment failure, virus, etc.), faculty members will need to reinstall any software they added.  This can come as an unwelcome surprise – again a great reason to keep the software on your laptop.
  • This is strictly a self-service model.  IITS will not customize a single classroom computer.
  • IITS reserves the right to suspend administrator access to classroom computers where software is installed without appropriate licensing, where the software causes harm to the computer, or where the software interferes with the ability of other faculty to effectively use the classroom computer.


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