What are Clickers and how do I use them?

What are clickers?

“Clickers” are handheld devices which encourage active student participation by allowing a presenter to poll an audience and receive real-time answers in aggregate form. Student response systems like this enhance the classroom experience by making it easy for students and faculty to receive immediate feedback from one another. Using clickers, faculty can conduct review sessions, encourage student discussions, and keep track of student participation. For more information on the pedagogical benefits of using clickers, see ELI’s “7 Things You Should Know about Clickers.”

Clickers at Haverford

Haverford has standardized on the Turning Technologies clicker system. This system is easy to use and works in both Mac and Windows environments.

Faculty interested in using clickers in a class should contact hc-techlearn@haverford.edu. IDTS staff will create a clicker packet containing everything you need to use clickers in your course. We will then meet with you to hand you the packet, demonstrate the use of the clicker system, and provide training on the clicker software.

Once you get the clickers, you will distribute them to your students, free of charge, and have students sign a Student Clicker Policy. This policy tells students that they are responsible for returning their device to you at the end of the semester. Students will need to contact the IT Service Desk in Stokes 204 if they need a new battery for their device, or need to replace a broken or lost clicker. IITS will replace clicker batteries or malfunctioning clickers at no charge to the student.

Faculty are responsible for collecting clickers at the end of the semester and returning the packet to Stokes 204.

How do I use clickers?

Our faculty use clickers in a number of different ways.

Watch this getting started video to learn how to use clickers at Haverford.

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