What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why would I use it?

The College’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to access computing resources at Haverford that would normally be limited to people on campus. Certain library resources, document storage, and some servers are limited to those physically on campus. Using VPN, your computer appears as if it is on the Haverford campus no matter where in the world you are.

By default everyone at Haverford has a VPN account. Your Haverford username and password are the credentials you use to log in to Haverford VPN.

VPN Accounts for Non-Haverford Users (Requesting Account)

If you do not have a Haverford username and password, but still need a VPN account for College-related business, you may request an account. A separate application should be completed for each account requested and each account must have an expiration date. IITS will respond within two business days.

Library Users

The Haverford College Libraries offer an expansive range of online resources. VPN of course makes it possible to access these resources from off-campus. Library patrons can also take advantage of the EZProxy Service. Once logged into EZProxy, online resources provided by the Libraries are available to you as if you were on campus. If you generally only access library resources from off-campus then EZProxy is probably the best solution for you.

Installing and Using VPN

You only need to use the VPN service if you are connecting from off campus to access certain Haverford resources. Note: some DSL and Cable Internet services, along with some public Internet services (like in some coffee shops or hotels) don’t allow VPN to work – but most do. Typically you won’t know until you try.


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