How do I use the Guest Wireless?

Anyone can use the network named Haverford-Guest to browse the web.

To connect to Haverford-Guest you will need access to a cell phone capable of receiving either text messages or email to complete the following steps:

  1. Connect to Haverford-Guest as you would connect to any wireless network. On Windows computers you can connect via your Network Control Panel; on Macintosh computers you can connect via your Network Preferences; on Mac iOS you can connect via Settings > Wi-Fi; on an Android connect via Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Browse to any web page using your preferred browser. FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or any other web browser.  You will be automatically redirected to the Visitor Registration Page. Make sure to click on the registration link to register. NOTE: If you are not taken automatically, or having trouble with it popping up, visit to fill out the registration.
  3. Fill out the form appropriately. Passwords will be sent to you via email.  To also receive your password via text message, be sure to enter your cell phone number.
  4. At the following page, click the login page link:
  5. Enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS (for Username) along with the password you received via text or email.
  6. Click the Log in button.
  7. If you get a Security message, click Continue.​​​​
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