Enable DUO Two Factor Authentication

What Is It?

Two factor authentication is a method to confirm a user's identity only after they present two pieces of evidence. An example would be you logging into your Gmail account, and then getting a notification on your phone, requesting confirmation that it was indeed you who logged in.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Everyone who has access to Haverford systems is required to use a method of two-factor authentication.

Where Can I Get It?

For more information on what two-factor authentication is and how Haverford uses it, check this knowledge article. If you still need assistance setting up two-factor authentication, select the "Request Assistance with Duo Authentication" button on this page.

How Do I Use It?

Your use of two-factor authentication depends upon how you elect to receive the second request for identity confirmation. To review options, check this knowledge article.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost of this service depends on your method of two factor authentication. The mobile app has no associated cost, but physical tokens incur a one time fee of $20. For more information, check this knowledge article.


Request Assistance with Duo Authentication


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