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Request a new computer, mobile device, printer, or other IT equipment.

In an ongoing attempt to protect the Haverford community and their data IITS has implemented Duo, a multi-factor authentication solution. Duo provides several options for authentication. IITS recommends using the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone.

Having VPN access allows you to use resources only available on the Haverford network, regardless of where you are or which network you are connected to.

Enable the ability to access your office workstation remotely.

Policies related to usages of College Computer Resources are available here:

Google Groups are useful for sending email messages to a group using a single email address.

How to get access to Filestore.

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IITS supports faculty, staff, and students in using technology to further their teaching and learning.

Request printer installation, troubleshooting, 3D printing proposals, and poster printing for research purposes.

Configure scan to email and Filestore.

Network ports are outlets in the wall that allow you to plug in an ethernet cable and connect to the internet.

Request a download or troubleshooting with site-licensed or hosted software and applications, such as Adobe CC or student information systems, or get IT help in purchasing and installing non-site-licensed software or applications.

Training offered by IITS to review best practices to keep your information safe.

Not sure what you're looking for and need a desktop support technician to come to your aide? We're here to help!

Request training over the VOIP service and phones for yourself or your group.

Add a new VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone service.

Administrative rights specific to your computer or device.

Haverford's campus uses eduroam for free wireless connectivity for students, faculty, and staff.

Configure voicemail on your existing VoIP phone.

Report phishing attempts or learn more about what phishing is and how to protect yourself and your data.

In the event an employee has left and you need access to some important information tied to their account.

Request assistance in moving your computer, monitors, printer, or other devices to another location.